Mayor understands the old bridge project is unpopular with some people

A production – Photo courtesy of Jerry Isenhart, Lake Chelan Cams

With contractors nearing the finish line on a near $4-million project to restore the historic Woodin Avenue bridge, the public is now beginning to weigh in with feedback on the project.

Recent stories, photos and social media postings via LakeChelanNow have generated many comments about the newly renovated bridge.

Some comments have been complimentary, but many more have taken a negative view for a variety of reasons, but mainly centered on traffic and safety concerns related to the city’s decision to one-way the bridge into town.

Chelan Mayor Mike Cooney says he understands the bridge renovation is a controversial project and one that he notes is unpopular with some. The Mayor and city Public Works Director Jake Youngren recently sat down with LakeChelanNow’s Dennis Rahm to talk about the public reaction and to answer many of the questions that have been voiced.

The interview with Cooney and Youngren comprises the entirety of the most recent edition of Making Waves which is linked below.

The interview begins with the Mayor giving a timeline overview of a project that is more than a decade in the making. The mayor also says if anyone has more questions or comments he would welcome a phone call or email. His phone number is 509-682-8018 and his email address is

The  Making Waves interview provides answers to the following questions:

  • Does the project adhere to historical standards (built in 1927)
  • Was there due process for public awareness on what the project would entail
  • Were there studies done to address the concept of a one-way on the bridge into town
  • Were there studies about the bicycle and pedestrian use
  • Would it help traffic to adjust the timing of the traffic signal on Sanders
  • Will the project ultimately lead to a need for additional traffic lights and or roundabouts
  • Was the project conceived as a benefit to visitors at the expense of local convenience
  • What’s been the feedback from the business community on Main Street

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