Playground makeover scheduled for 2020

by Dennis Rahm

The Manson Parks and Recreation District is in the midst of a Singleton Park playground renovation project to replace equipment that has been in place for at least 30 years.  Admitting to an ambitious timeline, Parks Director Robin Pittman is hopeful the new playground equipment can be ordered by the end of the year and hopefully installed next spring.

Pittman says the goal is not just to replace the old equipment, but to make the park even better and to make it a playground that the public wants to use.

Says Pittman, “so we will do everything that we can to make sure this is a playground that stands up for our community and supports the community for the next 30 years just like the last playground did”.

“Our goal is to make it a more inclusive playground” – Robin Pittman

The base cost of the playground upgrade at Singleton Park is about $100,000.

Pittman says there may be additional grants and donations to allow for even bigger and better park improvements. In addition to a playground, the park features baseball and softball fields, soccer field, basketball court, pickleball court, and restrooms.