Show your “Colors” to Thank Essential Workers

Community Contributed Information, LCN Photos

The multicolor ribbon bouquets and streamers on trees in Chelan are part of a grassroots activity to display SUPPORT & THANKFULNESS to the workers who can’t stay home during the “stay home stay healthy” order. All these workers face risk when they have to leave their home to help. We are so grateful and there are not enough words to express our appreciation and gratitude.

The colors in the ribbons represent different groups of people such as doctors, physician assistants, nurses, nursing assistants and every healthcare related worker.

There’s also colors to represent EMS, firefighters, law enforcement , our city, county and state public safety officials and workers , public works, schools who are caring for kids and bus drivers that are delivering food.

Others we want to support and give thankfulness to are the post office, banks ,communication and news services, National guard, grocery stores, link drivers and workers, food bank workers, takeout restaurants — and nameless others that are working tirelessly. There are so many people providing services during this pandemic. It is amazing and heart warming!

There are several trees with ribbons. Why not put up some ribbons at your home if you want to join in SUPPORT & THANKFULNESS ribbon displays. Most people have curling ribbon or fabric remnants. School kids can use paper and colored crayons if they don’t have ribbons and learn the colors of first responders. People are so creative!

Ribbons are red, white, dark blue, green, and Columbia blue (light blue). The latter is a “catch all “ for so many essential services.

The ribbons are up in Chelan. The virus has no boundaries. SUPPORT & THANKFULNESS does not have boundaries.

Everyone stay safe, stay healthy and take good care.