Update 6 p.m. 7/3/19: Automated Traffic Signal Placed on South Lakeshore

An automated traffic signal is now in place on South Lakeshore Road, near the Slide Ridge mudslide. This replaces the flaggers who have been manning the bypass road since the landslide on Tuesday. The automated signal will be directing traffic through the bypass road. Motorists are asked to plan for up to 10-minute traffic delays over the weekend. Crews are expected to continue working to remove debris from South Lakeshore Road on Monday.

Update 3 p.m. 7/3/19: Hwy. 97-A has reopened between Entiat and Chelan

Information Compiled

The rainstorm that pounded North Central Washington yesterday, wrecked havoc on commuters. This information is current as of 7:30 a.m. and will be updated as new information is received.

97-A Closure:

Updated 7/3/19: Hwy. 97-A between Entiat and Chelan was reopened on Wednesday afternoon.

Tuesday afternoon and through the night, 97-A was closed north of Earthquake Point, which also cut off access via Navarre Coulee. Travelers had to turn back to Wenatchee and use 97 on the Douglas County side of the River. The latest update from WSDOT indicates crews are evaluating the roadway Wednesday morning and will issue a timeline for scheduled reopening. In the meantime, Link transit route 21 is detouring on Hwy. 97 with shuttles running between Entiat and Wenatchee.

Lakeshore Drive Closure:

The south shore road is closed uplake from the Cove to enable crews to clear a significant mud and debris flow at Slide Ridge. Local access is permitted along a bypass road, with one way traffic controlled by flaggers.  Early estimates indicate it might be Monday before the main road is reopened.

Fields Point Landing / Lady of the Lake:

The Lady of the Lake confirms they will be running their regular schedule, which includes the stop at Fields Point. Passengers should allow for additional travel time to get through the one-way bypass road on Lakeshore Drive.

Low Lying Areas:

Watch for standing water and mud in low lying areas. Use caution where rocks and debris may have been partially dislodged by rain and could fall onto roadways.

Thank you Deidrah Wright for sharing this spectacular picture from Tuesday’s storm.

Dramatic Video of small “Lake Tornado” shared by Robyn Watkins.

The Start of the Mudslide and Flooding on 97A, Submitted by Savanna Johnson.

As seen in these LCN pictures (top and below), South Lakeshore Road was completely closed for several hours on Tuesday as crews worked to clear a rock and mudflow covering the road. Although work continues to clear the main road, a one-way, flagger controlled, bypass road is currently being used for local access.