Spill begins in June and fluctuates depending on weather conditions

information released

The Chelan River will flow faster and water levels will rise as Chelan PUD begins spring spill to manage Lake Chelan water levels. This year’s spill began in June and will taper off around the end of July, but it can fluctuate at any time depending on weather conditions.

Please help Chelan PUD promote safety in local waterways: Stay on trails in the upper reaches of the Chelan River and abide by “no trespassing” signs in other areas, specifically in the Chelan River Gorge.

The Chelan Gorge is the narrow, rocky channel of the Chelan River, located in an area with limited cell phone coverage and hazardous terrain. Rescues are extremely difficult.

Changes in river flow can create hazardous conditions quickly and unpredictably, including higher water levels, fast currents, and potential entrapment. Chelan PUD has posted dozens of signs warning of the no-trespass areas for public safety.

For more information about Lake Chelan Dam operations, including lake levels, visit chelanpud.org/lakechelan.