Reminder to move snowmobiles parked at Early Winters

information released, file photo

Hello fellow North Cascades enthusiasts: The big news is that spring clearing is set to begin next Monday, March 27. This is the time for those of you with snowmobiles parked behind the berm at Early Winters to move your machine so our crew can start clearing.

Spring is certainly calling all outdoor enthusiasts, so if you plan to recreate behind the closure points, for safety’s sake please do so during non-working hours (Monday-Thursday) and be sure to check the Northwest Avalanche Center for current back country avalanche conditions.

Many of you sent in questions about the spring clearing work and North Cascades Highway history and I’ll be answering as many as I can here in this newsletter in the following weeks. Now’s your chance if you’ve ever been curious, send me your question!

Here’s a question I received already and it’s relevant for spring clearing: What is the average date for the opening of the highway? The answer is each year is unique and it has been as early as March 10 in 2005 and as late as June 14 in 1974.

Safe travels and don’t forget to move your snowmobile by this weekend!
Lauren Loebsack, Communications
North Central Region-Wenatchee



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