Seventeen women brave the heat for the Monthly Medal Competition

information submitted by Sherry Fisk, file photo

Frozen water bottles, wet towels, fans and semi-delirium; the extreme heat last week created a full-moon vibe out on the course. Which prompts the question: How many ladies does it take to lift a golf cart off of someone? Asking “fore” a friend and apparently the answer is three. Which prompts the public service reminder to lock those brakes on your carts!

Seventeen women played in our Monthly Medal competition which is low gross and net by division and fewest putts.

  • Division 1: Low Gross: First place, Cindi Smith, 95.
  • Low Net, First Place, Jaclyn Starr-Evans, 73.
  • Fewest Putts: Cindi Smith, 32.


  • Division 2: Low Gross: First place, Maryjo DuRuz, 100. Second place, Debbie Honsberger, 103.
  • Low Net: First Place, Nancy Judson, 78. Second place, Sherry Ochsner, 79.
  • Fewest Putts: a tie between Maryjo DuRuz and Debbie Honsberger, 38.


  • Division 3: Low Gross: First place, Loa Servis, 110. Second place, Bernie Rayner, 112.
  • Low Net: First place, Joni Dedo, 71. Second place, Barb D’ettorre, 76.
  • Fewest Putts:  Joni Dedo, 34.

Birdies were made by Bernie Rayner on hole 7 and Nancy Judson on hole 17. Chip-ins were made by Barb Rayburn on hole 5 and Bernie Rayner on hole 7.

Next week’s competition is Mystery Nine where the pro shop picks nine holes after we tee off then use the gross score of these holes less ½ your handicap. Our  time is 8:00 am. Please check in by 7:30 am.