Surrounded by smoke

Information and photo submitted by Sherry Fisk

With heart-breaking fires and crippling smoke surrounding us last Thursday, we had 15 hearty players show up for our weekly competition. As we tried to dial in the best loft on fancy drivers and exact measurements on GPS gadgets and range finders, one must marvel at the players of the past and how they managed with actual wooden woods and drivers.

This week’s competition was Ts and Fs (gross score of holes beginning with the letters T and F less ½ your handicap).

  • Division 1: First place was tie between Jan Artim and Carol Ferguson, 38.
  • Division 2: First place was a tie between Julie Allison and Sherry Ochsner, 36.
  • Division 3: First place, Joni Dedo, 45.
  • One lone birdie girl, Barb Rayburn, on hole 12. Two chip-ins by Jan Artim on hole 14 and Joni Dedo on hole 7.

Next week, September 17th, will be just a fun day of golf with a few guests joining us and our tee time will be 8:30 am. Please check in by 8 am.