Participate remotely to support this important local youth program

Information released

Young Life is doing something different this year – like so many other organizations, we’re having to retool to cope with the pandemic.  Rather than our yearly Banquet, we will be doing a Virtual Banquet.  It will run for 1-hour from 4-5pm (Pacific time) this Sunday 11/15/20 on Facebook Live.  How fun is this – you can attend our Banquet from the comfort of your home!!

How does Young Life stay connected to kids when there’s no school and you can’t have our signature Club Meetings?  How does our Area Director, Dave Epperson, stay connected to Leaders and Kids?  How do we replace our normal Banquet fundraising?   All these questions will be answered, along with interviews with kids and leaders during the Virtual Banquet.

Please join us if you can.  Here’s a link to our Facebook page – look for the red LIVE indicator just before 4pm this Sunday  .

If you’d like to make a gift, here’s a link to our Chelan Valley Young Life giving page:

Thank you. Your support is so important as we help to connect young people to each other and to the positive power of God during a time of separation and anxiety.