An archive of Lake Chelan Now’s audio interviews.

U.S. Open of Paragliding

July 2018: Graham Saunders from talks about this Pre-World Cup paragliding event launching from the Chelan Butte

U.S. Open of Paragliding Practice Day

July 2018: The Chelan Butte offers fantastic conditions for paragliding

Stormy Creek Fire

July 2018: Nolan Brewer of the Washington Department of Natural Resources talks about the first 24 hours on the Stormy Creek Fire

Wildfire Town Hall

June 2018: Washington State Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz held a Town Hall meeting in Chelan on wildfire and forest health

Joe Harris Basketball Camp

June 2018: Chelan’s Joe Harris returns home to hold his annual basketball camp, and talks about the Leaders on the Lake Scholarship, giving back to his community and more

Old Bridge Restoration

June 2018: Mayor Mike Cooney discusses the City Council’s unanimous vote to award contract for restoration of historic Chelan bridge

40 Years at the Helm

June 2018: Lady of the Lake Senior Boat Captain Ken Wilsey surprised by co-workers on the day marking 40 years at the helm

Planet Walk

May 2018: Russ Jones talks about the new “Planet Walk” coming soon to Riverwalk Park

Roots School Field Trip

May 2018: Five students participate in Lake Chelan water quality studies during a water field trip

Affordable Housing in the Valley

April 2018: Consultant Julie Brunner discusses affordable housing concerns in the Lake Chelan Valley

Cleaning up Lake Chelan

April 2018: Sean Sherman talks about cleaning up Lake Chelan, one piece of garbage at a time

Water Quality Town Hall

April 2018: Mayor Mike Cooney talks about affordable housing in Chelan

“Airborne” Eddie Ferguson

April 2018: An interview with Chelan local “Airborne” Eddie Ferguson about his induction into the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame

Arbor Day

April 2018: An interview with Arbor Day organizers about this year’s event in Chelan.

Worker Housing

April 2018: Jim Colbert discusses new worker housing at Chelan Fruit

North Cascades Bank

April 2018: Future building plans at North Cascades Bank

Student Walk Out

March 2018: CHS Principal Brad Wilson on the student walk out

Phil Cullen Part 1

March 2018: Phil Cullen reflects on the 1998 State Basketball Championship, Part 1

Phil Cullen Part 2

March 2018: Phil Cullen reflects on the 1998 State Basketball Championship, Part 2

1998 State Basketball

March 2018: Highlights from Dennis Rahm’s play-by-play of Chelan’s 1998 State Basketball Championship game

Coach Joe Harris

March 2018: Coach Joe Harris reflects on the 20 year anniversary of Chelan’s State Basketball Championship

History of the Top Dog Parade

March 2018: Wayne Kelly explains the history of the annual Top Dog Parade in Chelan, WA