Online survey deadline is this Sunday

information released

Lake Chelan Health is engaged in planning efforts designed to improve their local health care system. As part of this process, and to ensure sure they understand the local community’s experiences, needs and expectations related to health care, they are undertaking an on-line community survey.

The hospital is strongly encouraging area residents to take the 5-7 minutes needed to complete this survey (provided in the link below). They are confident the survey results will lead to improvements in patient experience, access, and outcomes.

Basic questions will be asked about the zip code of residence, age group and how long the respondent has lived in the area. Other questions will focus on perceptions and expectations  of health care as well as the opportunity to comment on changes that are needed to improve the health care experience.

The public is being asked to participate in the survey at your earliest convenience and no later than Sunday, September 19, 2021.

Survey link: