One day sale in Manson

by Loni Rahm

The community has been clamoring for the Chelan Valley Habitat Store to re-open. And the Habitat Store needs to sell items and generate some cash flow. At their last meeting, the board hit upon a win-win solution: a barn sale!

This Saturday (9/26) from 8 a.m. -4 p.m., Habitat will be offering a variety of items for sale at 1571 Manson Blvd in Manson. There will be some furniture, a bit of decorative and household items, and clothing in assorted sizes — especially fall and winter attire.

“We know people rely on the Habitat Store to find inexpensive winter clothes,” stated Board President Hershal Joyner. “We hauled out several boxes of jackets, snow suits and other winter items to help folks prepare for the changing seasons.”

With no ability to process credit or debit cards, this sale is cash only. Please bring small bills and change if possible. Masks are required, and the number of shoppers allowed into the area at any one time will be limited.

“It’s a start,” said Joyner. “We are trying to find ways to help the community while adhering to local, state, national and international regulations.”

About the H4H Store Status:

Many community members have asked why the Habitat Store cannot open. There are several factors:

1) Habitat is part of an international organization. The local, state, national and international requirements are different than a locally run or even state sanctioned organization.

2) Unlike many other local thrift stores, Chelan Habitat has clothing, which falls into a more tactile category than building supplies or other items.

3) The Chelan Habitat store can apply for opening status once Chelan County reaches level 2 or 3. Currently, Chelan County remains at 1.5.

In the meantime, the board is committed to seek solutions for accepting donations and making available the items people need.

For additional information, please contact