Maintenance and road repair is next

information and photos released by WSDOT

Like long-lost family members reuniting, after four weeks of work our east side and west side crews clearing SR 20 North Cascades Highway met in the middle this week!

No, we still don’t have an exact opening day – there’s still repair work to be done next week – but it won’t be long now!

That does mean, though, that was have an answer for you bicyclists asking about riding one of our most scenic highways before it opens to motor vehicles. While there may be some slush and snow still around, this weekend – Friday-Sunday – may be your best bet to ride across the pass before the gates open.

Next week it will again be closed as it will be an active work zone. Just a reminder for anyone who heads up to please be aware of potential hazards like avalanches before you go.

For more information, visit the WSDOT website.