Video on LCN Facebook Shows Rescue of Mom

Shared by permission of Teresa Fletcher who narrated the story below

I just want to share with you how proud I am of my staff.

Today we took the Life Skills students on an end of the year picnic to the Bebee Bridge Park. We had a great time and were packing up everything when a little girl came up to one of my staff asking for help for her family.  She told them that they were drowning.

Without hesitation my staff and I ran down to the river to see what was happening.  There was a mother and two small boys holding onto the bouy’s.  Jordan (Lehman) and I kicked off our shoes and headed into the river which was freezing cold.  I am not a great swimmer in cold water but waded out as far as I could go. Jordan swam out to the mother and brought the first boy to shore, where my staff wrapped him in the blankets and jackets that we had.

Jordan went back for the other boy and realized that his foot was tangled in the chain, so he had to dive down three times to free the boys foot and bring him in.  He went back for the mother who was very weak and cold and brought her to where I was and we helped her to shore where she collapsed.

My other staff members were taking care of the other small children in the family and waiting for EMT’s to come.  I can’t express how proud I am of my entire staff and the unselfish way that they responded to this emergency.

LCN NOTE: The entire community extends their gratitude to the Chelan School Staff and Students who assisted in this rescue. Go to the LakeChelanNow Facebook to see video footage of Jordan swimming the mom to shore where Teresa and others could help.