In less than 2 years, Rotary Project keeps 250 tons of glass out of landfill

information released, Richard Uhlhorn photo

The Lake Chelan Rotary Club recently announced that the 911 Glass Rescue had marked a major milestone in local glass repurposing efforts! As of April, 2023, the project had reached the 500,000 pound mark – that’s 250 tons of glass that avoided the landfill. Instead it is pulverized and reused in a variety of ways as aggregate and sand.

Community members can drop off relatively clean glass at the recycling center (Hwy 150) between 9:00 a.m. and noon each Saturday morning. There is a nominal fee for glass drop offs — 2 cents a pound (rounded up to the next dollar) so 3 cases of wine bottles would be $1 to recycle.

Each week 8-10 Rotary Club members volunteer to collect your donation of glass and fees. Rotarians indicate that volunteering at 911 Glass is a rewarding experience, as patrons express their gratitude for the service and volunteers witness first-hand the good being are doing in the community.

For more information, please visit the 911 Glass Rescue website, or email

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