Check local websites for all trail closure information

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Mule deer herds need a quiet place to save energy during the lean winter months. That’s why Sage Hills trails system will close to all outdoor recreation starting Dec. 1 until around April 1.

Chelan PUD owns the 960-acre Home Water Wildlife Preserve in the heart of Sage Hills as required by its federal license to operate Rock Island Dam. Mule deer migrate from higher elevations down to the Wenatchee Foothills starting in December. Their numbers peak in March.

Chelan-Douglas Land Trust and the City of Wenatchee also close public access to trails on over 2,200 acres of open space adjacent to Home Water Wildlife Preserve to provide additional winter range for mule deer. The seasonal closure affects the Sage Hills and Horse Lake Reserve trail systems.

In the meantime, people are encouraged to recreate along the Apple Capital Loop Trail, Saddle Rock, Lower Castle Rock, and the Jacobson Preserve trails. The main gravel road up Dry Gulch Preserve is open to hikers, however all side trails are closed for the winter. Please leash your dogs and avoid areas where the ground is soft to prevent lasting trail damage.

Check the Land Trust’s website for all closure information. Wenatchee Valley TREAD’s website and app, TREAD Map, are also good sources of updated information on closures and trail conditions year-round.

For more information contact Von Pope, Chelan PUD Wildlife Program manager, at (509) 661-4625 or CDLT Director for Climate, Access & Stewardship, Jennifer Hadersberger at (509) 667-9708.