Eastside and Westside crews meet up at milepost 158

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Hello fellow North Cascades enthusiasts,

The third full week of the 2024 spring clearing of SR 20 North Cascades wrapped up with a meet up of east and west side clearing crews at milepost 158, just west of Bridge Creek trailhead.

Route is cleared of snow, but roadway is messy

Even with the route cleared of snow, the road remains closed to traffic. The supervisor for the eastside crew reported “We still have widening and clearing to do. Thick ice on the road still in places. Mudslides and debris to cleanup.”

Until the North Cascades opens

Remaining work includes an avalanche control mission on Monday, April 15, followed by repairs and clean up. That means we are close to reopening but can’t confirm a date until the team evaluates conditions after the mission on April 15. When an opening date is scheduled, it will be shared here first.

The crew also reported natural snow and debris slides that came down through the Liberty Bell avalanche paths this week. Our crews receive special avalanche safety training and wear beacons while doing the clearing work, because even though this was a lower snowpack year, the risk of spring avalanche or mudslide remains.

So…do we get a “bike day”?

We know many of you look forward to the opportunity to bike the passes, and with the roadway cleared all the way through Rainy and Washington, this would be chance to take a bike ride prior to the highway reopening. If you’re thinking about making the ride, remember that the road is closed for a reason and remains essentially unmaintained between milepost 134 and 171. There is also no cell service through the North Cascades. Finally, keep in mind what the supervisor reported about the roadway still being covered in mud and ice in places. Plan accordingly.

If you choose to visit the back country this weekend, you should check in on conditions with the Northwest Avalanche Center.

Planning for SR 20 travel in 2024

What’s ahead this year for the North Cross? Be sure to sign up for travel advisoriescheck our real time travel map and our mountain pass page to stay in the loop with what’s happening on the highway during the short maintenance and construction season.

We’re getting close to a confirmed open date, so please stay tuned! In the meantime, there’s more posted to this year’s Flickr album of what’s happening in one of the prettiest work zones in the world.

Safe travels
Lauren Loebsack, communications
North Central Region-Wenatchee


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