Bordners submit a letter to their guests, team members and community

Information released by Slidewaters

To Our Valued Guests & Team Members: Even though Slidewaters’ legal battle against the State of Washington continues with an appeal to the Ninth Circuit Court and a case pending in the Chelan Superior Court; we have no choice but to layoff our 150 employees and suspend our season effective Monday, July 20th, 2020. This is because of extraordinary and unfair harm and suffering being brought upon us from the actions of Governor Jay Inslee and the Department of Labor and Industries.

At this time, we have been issued a Notice of Immediate Restraint and a Citation and Notice of Assessment from L&I, with a demand to correct our actions by 7/20/2020. Continuing past the date they gave us to cease operations will compromise our legal battle as law-abiding citizens, expose us to more crippling fines and create the possibility of criminal charges that would potentially include imprisonment.

Having Slidewaters’ season reduced down to 30 days of limited operation has us facing the serious possibility of not being able to reopen our doors next year. We feel very fortunate that with the federal Paycheck Protection Program and Small Business debt-relief program — plus 30 days of operation— we have been able to support our employees and their families, pay many vendors, as well as cover most of our operating expenses.

However, with the suspension of the season, we have no way of knowing how we will be able cover expenses moving forward, so we could be forced to permanently close the gates. We sincerely hope that this will not be necessary, and that we can continue to provide the residents of Washington with an outlet for safe, clean, healthy family fun for years to come. We are truly overwhelmed and touched by the support from our team members, families, friends and our amazing guests, throughout these trying times, and we will be doing everything possible to honor their support by fighting for our business and for the rights of citizens.

We have had many wonderful supporters throughout our battle — including many who have volunteered to help pay the fines we have already incurred. Our fight for the survival of our business has never been rooted in money and if fines and threats were the only weapon at the government’s disposal, then we could entertain continuing to operate.

Unfortunately, the state has clearly indicated it plans to pursue imprisonment for us if we do not comply with their dictates. Time away from our families does not align with our ultimate mission of strengthening the American family through strong relationship-building activities and criminal charges could prohibit Slidewaters from holding a business license in the future, which would also interfere with our goal to glorify God with a business that brings families together.

After operating for 30 days and seeing all our team members remain healthy, with no contact tracing of the virus back to us from any guests, now more than ever we stand behind our Clean & Safe Plan. For four weeks we have offered a safe place for families to escape the stress of 2020 and live, laugh and enjoy life again. It is with tremendous sadness that we face the reality that after 38 years of offering a place for family recreation, Sunday could be our last operational day ever.

Through Sunday, July 19, 2020, we will continue to operate the park under our Clean & Safe Plan, and at 50 percent capacity. With an anticipation of backing from our great guests, we ask that everyone continue to demonstrate the highest levels of personal responsibility, sound decision-making and an abundant amount of patience.

We pray that our story will be a cautionary tale against Big Government and over-reaching politicians preaching the need for a Utopian society in which respect for others, hard work and caring for your neighbor are no longer the responsibility of the citizens, but taken on as the duty of the controlling government.

We hold strong in our faith that Slidewaters’ and our futures are in God’s hands, and we are excited to follow Him wherever He leads.
God Bless,
Burke Bordner & Robert Bordner