Mayor Bob Goedde says yes!

by Dennis Rahm, photo from 4th of July weekend by Richard Uhlhorn, All Things Lake Chelan. 

Large weekend crowds at both Don Morse and Lakeside Parks have generated concern over adherence to Washington State’s COVID-19 guidelines on social distancing and masking. Chelan Mayor Bob Goedde is concerned to the point that he is proposing Saturday and Sunday closure of the day use facilities at both parks.

Mayor Goedde explains more about his recommendation.

“It appears the solution is to close both day use parks on Saturday and Sunday” — Mayor Bob Goedde

The possibile weekend closure of city parks will be discussed during next Tuesday’s regular city council meeting (7/28). Weekend park closures would not affect the the city RV Park and Marina.

Goedde said the Council will also discuss parking issues on the busy weekends and look at the possibility of updating the fine structure for parking violators.

The Mayor welcomes public input on the proposed park closure and invites email submissions to any of the elected officials. You can also call the Mayor directly at 509-682-8018.

Next week’s City Council meeting starts at 6:00 pm on Tuesday, July 28 and will be livestreamed on LakeChelanNow