Students Experience On-the-Water Field Trip

By Dennis Rahm

Often in life the best way to learn about something is with hands on experience. Five students at the Roots Community School in Chelan had just that opportunity on Wednesday, May 9 with an on the water field trip.

Teacher Rachel Robison and students Will Kestner, Tev Uttech, Aiden Jones, Jonah Stepanov and Colin Morrison were part of an out of the classroom excursion on Lake Chelan to participate in water clarity testing.

The Lake Chelan Research Institute, led by Director Phil Long, performs monthly testing at various monitor locations on the lake. During their field trip, students were able to participate in Secchi Disk measurements to test water clarity as well as logging data for surface water temperature and weather conditions.

While joining the school group on the excursion, LakeChelanNow had the opportunity to interview first Phil Long about what the students experienced and then some comments from teacher Rachel Robison. You can listen to their comments here and then check out our special highlight video below.

Listen to an Interview About the Field Trip

Roots Community School Water Quality Learning Experience


Special thanks to Shawn Sherman of Pilgrim Lake Services who provided transportation for the trip. For more on the Lake Chelan Research Institute visit their website