Mail-in ballots will be received soon

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With the November 2nd General Election just around the corner, Chelan County residents should begin looking for their mail-in ballots soon. The ballots will start going out in the mail this week and must be returned and postmarked by November 2nd. Election officials remind the ballots must be signed and dated and encourage voters to submit them as soon as possible. In addition to mailing, completed ballots can also be submitted into a voter drop box behind City Hall in Chelan and at the Manson Public Library.

Fire District 7 in Chelan has proposed a levy lift seeking to increase the district’s property tax levy to maintain current levels of fire and emergency medical services. There is also one contested race for District 7 fire commissioner with Ben Laughlin challenging incumbent Russ Jones. In Manson Fire District 5, Dana Starkweather is unopposed in Position 1 and  Fred Weiss is running unopposed for position 3.

In Chelan, four city council positions are on the ballot. Shari Dietrich is running unopposed in Position 7, incumbent Tim Hollingsworth is unopposed for Position 6, and the same for Erin McCardle in Position 3. Voters will choose on one other council position with incumbent Chris Baker being challenged by Madonna Kenshuk.

Hospital District 2 in the Lake Chelan valley has three positions on the ballot. Lori Withrow was challenging long time commissioner Fred Miller in Position 3, but Miller recently announced his withdrawal from the race so it appears Withrow will be a new commissioner to the Board. Also, incumbents Mary Murphy and Jeremy Jaech are running unopposed for Positions 2 and 5 respectively.

There are also school board elections in both the Lake Chelan and Manson School Districts. The Lake Chelan district will be adding three new board members as Stephanie Fuller now runs unopposed for Position 1. In Position 2, Kristi Collins will go up against Barb Polley. In Position 3 it will be Erik Nelson moving forward as his opponent has withdrawn from the race. In the Manson District, Susie Miller Fox and Catherine Willard are seeking the At Large Position 4, while At Large Position 5 will be contested between Greg Neff and Janel Lyman.

The Manson Parks and Recreation District has two board positions on the ballot. Kurt Sixel is unopposed in Position 3 while voters will choose between 3 candidates for Position 1. The position 1 race was left off the Primary ballot earlier so all three candidates appear in the General election. Those running for the spot are Aniceto Guzman, Taylor J. Quigley and Teresa Hambelton.