Gates will open at 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday

information released by WSDOT

The much anticipated seasonal opening of the North Cascades Highway is scheduled to take place Wednesday afternoon after crews from the Washington State Department of Transportation completed final repairs to the roadway today.

Crews completed clearing work last week and on Monday wrapped up avalanche control efforts. WSDOT said in a news release issued Tuesday that they’ve enjoyed sharing progress on the roads reopening. Said the DOT, “we know there are some who plan to be present when our maintenance crews open the gates. We ask that if you do, please do so safely by maintaining a safe physical distance and wearing masks if you’re in a group outside of your vehicle”.

For those planning to travel the North Cascades Highway in the near future, WSDOT reminds that many of the Forest Service and Park Service facilities remain closed. While crews have cleared the road and shoulders, as well as some pull out areas, it is still wintery up in the mountains and there are few services or rest stops. Officials caution those considering a trip to the backcountry to be aware of avalanche risk and potential hazards.

More information about the route is available on the North Cascades Highway webpage.