Drive with caution, it’s still wintery up in the mountains

information released

Hello fellow North Cascades enthusiasts: after reviewing conditions along the route, the clearing crew supervisor confirmed that SR 20 North Cascades will open at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, May 10. If you’re joining us that morning, please be patient at the west gate and stay alert for other vehicles and bikes.

For those with plans to travel the North Cascades Highway opening day or in the near future, keep in mind that many  Forest Service and Parks Service  facilities remain closed. Our crews clear the road and shoulder and any pullout areas needed for our maintenance work, but otherwise, it is still wintery up in the mountains and there are few rest stops and no cell service. Please plan accordingly.

The Northwest Avalanche Center has wrapped up avalanche forecasts for the season, but spring and early summer avalanche risk remains. Those venturing into the back country should be trained and prepared. This is also a reminder that you should never park on the road, even if you get to your favorite trailhead and it is not plowed out yet.

If you aren’t joining us for a trip on opening day but have plans to travel the North Cross this summer, keep in mind we have a limited season to complete vital maintenance on this stretch of SR 20. That means if you do take this trip, there’s a good chance you will encounter road work. Be sure to check in with our real time travel map  before you head out, to find out what you can expect on your road trip this summer.

We will be sure to share reopening day pictures on FlickrFacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

It’s always a lot of fun sharing the NCH spring clearing updates. Thanks to all who came along for the journey to clear the North Cross this season.  Safe travels-

Lauren Loebsack, Communications
North Central Region-Wenatchee