Singer/songwriter recognized for work championing awareness of Earth’s geologic eras by bringing the Eras Tour to Earth

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In recognition of her efforts to highlight the geologic eras that formed both the planet and the state of Washington, the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has selected Taylor Swift, a singer and songwriter based in Nashville, Tenn., as an Honorary Geologist for the state of Washington.

“Every day we think about the Cascadia subduction zone and the tectonic contribution to our state over geologic eras. But what we don’t spend enough time on is the tectonic contributions of Taylor Swift over her eras,” said Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz. “Now that she’s bringing her Eras tour to Seattle in what I can only assume is her efforts to shine a spotlight on the planet’s geologic eras, I’m proud to name her an Honorary Geologist for the State of Washington. Moving forward, this geologic partnership with Taylor is going to be forever, or it’s going to go down in flames.

“Either way, this certificate has a blank space. And I’ll write her name.”

Home to the Washington Geological Survey, DNR is the primary source of geological products and services for Washington. The Survey works to ensure the safety and economic well-being of the people of Washington from geologic events.

DNR geologists are currently working on a theory renaming the modern geologic era as the Cenozoic Era (Taylor’s Version).

“I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22 reasons Ms. Swift has been just as influential in shaping our world as the tectonic plates beneath us,” said Washington State Geologist Casey Hanell. “Her arrival has ushered in one of the most significant eras in Earth’s history, ranking right up there with the breakup of the Pangea supercontinent, which is never ever ever… getting back together.”