Cooler temperatures and wetter weather contribute to stagnation of growth

information released

Fire behavior on the Sourdough Fire is moderate with the return of cooler temperatures and wetter weather across the area this week. The Sourdough Fire is at 7,377 acres and 25% containment. There will be no change in containment percentage until significant rain or snow, known as a season ending event. Containment areas of the fire are in place along State Route 20, and near structures, and other values at risk.

Fire behavior increased last weekend with the unseasonably hot, dry, and unstable conditions. The fire grew approximately 1,000 acres, mostly in the Stetattle Creek drainage. Firefighters utilized aerial delivered water resources extensively for suppression efforts in the Sourdough Creek area which successfully kept fire west of the drainage.

On Thursday, crews removed structure wrap from the Sourdough Lookout and winterized the structure for the season. Firefighters continue to backhaul equipment from the remaining areas, removing hoses and pumps, and will monitor and patrol Stetattle Creek and Sourdough Creek drainages. The ongoing use of aviation resources is critical in both suppression and firefighter support. Drones are not allowed in the park complex and unauthorized use of drones shut down fire operations when present. If you fly, we can’t.

Cooler temperatures, moisture, and higher humidity will continue through the weekend, with a possible significant rain event beginning next week. With the predicted weather, the fire will continue to back, smolder, and consume fuels in the Stetattle Creek drainage until a season ending event occurs.

Fire restrictions were lifted as of today, Friday, September 22 following the cool temperatures and moisture to the area, which reduces fire danger. Campfires are allowed in designated areas only in both frontcountry and backcountry campsites.

A Burned Area Emergency Response team is working on the Sourdough Fire to assess the fire impacts on natural resources, cultural resources, and infrastructure and to assess potential safety hazards to humans and property. For more information visit the Sourdough BAER inciweb page

Area, trail, and camp closures remain in effect. Closure information can be found on the park’s Fire Closures page.