School Board approves approximately $1.32 million in reductions

information released

The Manson School Board held a special meeting on November 29, 2023, addressing a budget shortfall that necessitated immediate action. After careful deliberation and a majority vote, the following reductions have been approved:

  • Overall Budget Reduction: Approximately $1.32 million dollars
  • Annual Accounts Payable Reduction: $870,000
  • Annual Payroll Reduction: $451,299
  • Classified Staff Reductions: $339,966
  • District Office Reduction: $34,843
  • Admin Voluntary Reduction: $11,363
  • Certified Reductions (through creatively filling long-term substitute positions): $66,000

These measures will streamline resources while maintaining educational integrity. Despite these reductions, the district projects a positive cash balance for each month, with June 2024 expected to have a balance of approximately $68,526. The ending net cash and investments in August 2024 are estimated to be approximately $185,000, resulting in an approximate 1.4% ending fund balance.

The Manson School District acknowledges the challenges posed by these reductions and remains committed to providing quality education for its students.

Manson School District is dedicated to fostering academic excellence and personal growth in a supportive learning environment. Committed to transparency, the district communicates openly about financial challenges to ensure the continued success of its students.