Photo Gallery and Link to LCN Live Coverage

Special Thanks to Zita Zsuzsanna Bernath for the Pictures

The annual Manson Fourth of July Fireworks Display provided thousands of spectators another spectacular Independence Day celebration. The display over Manson Bay was visible from numerous prime vantage points along the north shore and the south shore, with possibly the most awe-inspiring view enjoyed by the many boats on the lake itself. The Lady of the Lake II and Lady Express provided an on the water viewing experience for many dozens more (with adherence to state guidelines for occupancy).

If you missed the event, you can click on the LCN live feed filmed from our position along the South Shore (link below). We also wish to thank Zita Zsuzsanna Bernath who submitted the amazing pictures in the gallery below. Her perspective along with her photographic timing, perfectly shares the town of Manson, the spectator boats scattered around the bay, and the fireworks themselves.

Link to LakeChelanNow live FB feed here.