A thank you letter to Lake Chelan School District Patrons

information released

Dear Community: With a large majority of votes counted, our Educational Programs and Operations (EPO) Levy and Capital Technology Levy are both passing with over 65% voter approval.

Thanks to this resounding show of support by our school district voters, we will be able to continue on our path towards realizing our vision of all students and staff achieving, believing in their potential, and contributing compassionately to their community. As we have previously shared, these measures ensure that, among other things, students have access to high quality instructional programs during the school day and after school via extra curricular activities, and have access to the technology needed to learn at high levels.

On behalf of our students, staff, and families, I thank you for your commitment to a quality education for each of our students and for your commitment to ensure a quality future for Chelan. Students are indeed at the heart of our work, and we look forward to utilizing every resource available to ensure all students have academic, social, and emotional success in our programs.

Please feel free to contact me should you ever have any questions or thoughts regarding our educational programs.


Brad Wilson Superintendent