Goal is to raise a quarter of a million dollars in 90 days

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The local community is invited to be part a 90-day campaign during the months of July, August and September. Revenues received through the “Building Block Campaign” will help fund the building crucial elements of the Lake Chelan Community Center including: furnishings, finishing the gym, parking lot, and landscaping.

Brooke Isaak

“I’m so proud of our community. I always felt their support growing up here. There will be a lot of lives that are going to be impacted. All ages. All demographics. We’re planning and preparing to be a place for everyone.”

These are the words of Brooke Isaak, Vice President of the Seven Acres Foundation Board and Marketing Committee Chair, responsible for sharing the story and enlisting support for the all-new 46,000-square-foot Lake Chelan Community Center. Isaak grew up in Manson and understands how people unite to support a community endeavor. “It can be so powerful,” said Isaak. “Each person is important. We’re all like individual building blocks that, when connected, create something bigger and more rewarding than any of us can be or do alone.”

Initially conceived in 2018, The Community Center project moved slowly during the land acquisition and preparation stages. Pandemic and supply chain issues challenged progress from 2019 thru 2021. But work continued, and contributors put more and more building blocks methodically into place. The city of Chelan building permit was issued in January of 2022, and for the last 18 months, step-by-step, the building has quickly emerged. Anyone traveling between Chelan and Manson on Highway 150 can’t help but notice the progress.

Kyle Plew

Phase one of the project, constructed in three phases, is more than 68% complete. And thanks to grants, foundations, and generous contributions from people with a heart for the Lake Chelan community, phase one has been fully funded. According to Isaak, “it’s time to rally together and add even more building blocks in the form of local donors.” Phase two funding will provide the necessary furnishings, and finish the gymnasium, parking lot, and landscaping. Phase one and two combined are now 83% funded and 53% complete. Isaak is asking community members to choose the way that’s best for them to support the next development phase. A favorite for many people is an engravable stone paver beginning at $250.

Board member Kyle Plew – a native of Chelan – expressed the outreach for support this way. “Everyone should have an opportunity to participate in, and benefit from, the resources of our valley. No matter what. I’d definitely invite people to be part of that.”

To learn more about The Lake Chelan Community Center or to contribute, please go to www.chelancommuntiy.org or contact Raye Evans, Director of Private and Public Funding, at raye@chelancommunity.org

About Seven Acres Foundation

The Seven Acres Foundation – a 501c3 nonprofit organization – was founded in 2018 by a group of Chelan area residents committed to meeting community needs in real and tangible ways. The organization’s is to be a hub that connects people, resources and activities to each other in ways that enhance the quality of life in the Lake Chelan Valley.

About The Lake Chelan Community Center

The Lake Chelan Community Center will be a safe and accessible space bringing people of all ages and demographics together to build relationships, promote wellness, and serve our community. Our CORE Values of Connection, Opportunity, Relationships, and Empowerment inspire and drive us.