Lady Express and Lady Cat provide uplake travel options

Information released by Lake Chelan Boat Company

Starting May 22, the Lake Chelan Boat Co. is running a boat every day with winter rates available until June 1! What else? Boat schedules are changing and not what they used to be, and with the new online ticketing system, you can book anytime and anywhere.

Want to spend an entire day in Stehekin but don’t want to spend the night? Starting in June, the Lady Express will be running daily with an extended layover until two boats are running. Even more exciting, a full day experience of Lake Chelan and Stehekin is coming as plans are being made to create a longer combo and tour options.  This will feature the Lady CAT creating an early morning arrival and late afternoon departure. Finally, anyone can spend a day in Stehekin, experience the outdoors, maintain social distancing, and enjoy a beautiful area!

What will be seen from the Lake Chelan Boat Company for Summer 2020:

  • Daily Boat starting Friday, May 22nd
  • Lady Express with a longer layover in Stehekin
  • Lady Cat is back! Full day layovers in Stehekin now available starting in June. Stay Tuned!
  • Evening Cruises on the Historic Lady of the Lake, on lower Lake Chelan.

So many exciting changes and new things…how are we staying safe and compliant with the Covid-19 regulations?

  • Reducing the passenger count on the Lady Express and Lady of the Lake to an appropriate and safe number
  • Temperature checks on Lady Cat.
  • Social distancing implemented on docks and on vessels
  • Hand sanitizer available in multiple locations
  • Continuous cleaning and sanitizing

We are excited to ramp back up for the Summer. Of course, our number one priority is always the safety of our passengers. We will continue to do what we can to make traveling with us safe, healthy, and comfortable. It’s an experience that none should have to miss out on.

Thank you all for your continued support during this time. We look forward to seeing you all again! At a safe distance of course.

See below for addition FAQ’s.


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Additional FAQ’s:

When will the Lady of the Lake vessel run on a Daily Schedule again?

You will see the Lady of the Lake serving a limited schedule in June and this will be expanded in July.  Formal schedules will be released shortly.

How will we be able to get to our lake shore cabin without a dock?

As noted above there will be a limited schedule for the Lady of Lake to service up lake cabins and hiker drop off.  Additionally, our options for servicing anywhere on the lake is extremely good and do not hesitate to call the office for support.

Do I have to book my ticket in advance?

Preferably, yes! We now have online ticketing available so purchase tickets at your own convenience. Because we are lowering our boat capacity to ensure safety, having an accurate count of passengers is needed. Booking in advance helps that!

If you have any other questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at or call (509) 682-4584.