Strategic Consulting Grant can help provide options and ideas tailored to local projects

information released

Chelan Valley Housing Trust (CVHT) Treasurer, Randy Atkins, reports that the trust received a $5,000 Strategic Consulting Grant from the Community Foundation of North Central Washington in partnership with Thriving Together NCW and Icicle Fund.

According to CVHT Executive Director Scott Meyers, “This grant allows us to get industry guidance from leaders in the field on best practices in fundraising, building techniques, or even on how to best work with local and state government to affect changes in policy to bring attainable housing to more areas.”

While the 260 Community Land Trusts around the nation — 17 of which are right here in Washington — offer working case studies that can be followed, the ability to contract with consultants who tailor industry best practices to the Chelan/Manson market offers a huge advantage.

“It’s just smart business to partner with a consultant who can come to the table with a strategy that works and show our team how to best apply it in our local market. This allows our team to build on the success of others and we feel very fortunate to have received this grant,” concludes Meyers.

CVHT’s mission is to build attainable homes for local wage earners. Through attainable housing local wage earners build equity with lower long-term fixed mortgage payments while setting down roots. This benefits our valley with a stable workforce to create a sustainable community.

To learn how to apply for a home, donate, or become involved visit: or contact CVHT Executive Director Scott Meyers at 509-508-1183 or by emailing