Many teachers needed to make short-notice first day adjustments

by Dennis Rahm

Many of the teachers and administrative staff at Chelan High School- Middle School were forced to make a U-turn regarding their teaching plans for the start of school earlier this week.

Lake Chelan School District Superintendent Barry DePaoli said on the eve of the start of school he was contacted by officials requesting to use school buildings for as command post headquarters for those fighting nearby fires. Because of that, teachers had less than 24-hours to prepare for teaching from home as opposed to teaching from school facilities.

DePaoli said teachers were very cooperative in adjusting to the short notice and that the District was happy to work with the Interagency Fire Command teams.

You can hear the LCN audio interview with DePaoli below.

DePaoli was pleased with the first days of the new school year and said about 93-95 percent of students district wide were involved in remote classes.

One concern the Superintendent has is that enrollment numbers are down from last year with the biggest decline in the Kindergarten class. DePaoli said additional students may still be enrolled by the end of the week.