A competitive day of tennis at Lake Chelan Shores

information released by Coach Rothlisberger, file photo 

The Chelan girls entered the Jamboree on Saturday a little apprehensive, having graduated seven of the top ten players from the 2023 district championship team, plus missing three of the top six on the ladder for this year.

Most of the Chelan lineup was playing their first varsity match ever, yet all the matches were competitive.  The future looks good!

Chelan 3, Manson 2

#1 Singles:  Ellie McLemore (C) def Olivia Smith 8-6
#2 Singles:  Josie Garfoot (C) def Karley Naranjo 8-1
#3 Singles:  Estee Flynn (C) def Brynn Williams 8-3
#1 Doubles:  Stella Peterson/Kayden Koth (M) def Taylor Hatherell/Maddie Cowan 8-1

#2 Doubles:  Natalee Reyna/Genna Torres (M) def Josie Bekel/Alison Horner 8-3

Omak 4, Chelan 1

#1 Singles: Kathleen Kirk (O) def Estee Flynn 8-6
#2 Singles: Hayden Velasco (O) def Taylor Hatherell 8-3
#3 Singles:  Maddie Cowan (C) def Sha’Lynn Ochoa 9-7
#1 Doubles:  Paityn Richter/Finley Sackman (O) def Ellie McLemore/Josie Garfoot 8-1
#2 Doubles:  Cyelah O’Niel/Carly Lassila (O) def Josie Bekel/Alison Horner 8-3
The Chelan boys did not lose much of their firepower from the 2023 CTL champion squad, so today was more about the current lineup figuring out what they need to work on coming out of the offseason.

Chelan 3, Manson 1

#1 Singles:  Ben Rasmussen (M) def Rylen Moody 8-3
#2 Singles:  Ian Garfoot (C) def Sota Watonbe 8-1
#3 Singles:  Wade Sanderson (C) def Finn Smith 8-0
#1 Doubles:  Cray Silva/Tristan Sanderson (C) def Oashan Sanchez/Jacob England 8-0
Manson did not field a #2 doubles, so Chelan played an intramural exhibition of George Neff/Caleb Sanderson vs Elijah Moody/Owen Sanderson

Chelan 2, Omak 2

#1 Singles:  Jonathon Kirk (O) def Rylen Moody 8-6
#2 Singles:  Noah Rose (O) def Cray Silva 8-6
#3 Singles:  George Neff (C) def Jonah Rose 8-2
#1 Doubles:  Omak did not field a full lineup so Chelan’s Wade and Tristan Sanderson played an exhibition vs Jonathon Kirk and Noah Rose
#2 Doubles:  Ian Garfoot/Caleb Sanderson (C) def Jacob Stenberg/Dreyk Humphries-Lopez 8-1

Chelan JV wins:

Nicolas Diaz-Manda/Loen Moody
Ruby Harberd/Madelyn Wallace

Next up:  Ephrata @ Chelan, Tuesday, Mar 12, 4pm