Lawsuit was filed in 2019 by Former Deputy Jennifer Tyler

information released

Chelan County Sheriff Mike Morrison reports a settlement has been reached in the lawsuit filed by former Deputy Jennifer Tyler against the prior administration in 2019. This resolution marks the conclusion of litigation that has persisted for over a decade.

Following extensive discussions over the past year, both parties agreed to a mutual settlement, effectively releasing each other from all claims. As part of the settlement, the Counties Risk Pool Insurance will provide Ms. Tyler with a payment of $1,500,000. This decision was made to avoid further costs, uncertainties, and impositions on the County, the Sheriff’s Office and Ms. Tyler & her family.

With this settlement it is believed the County, Sheriff’s Office, and Ms. Tyler can now shift their energy, focus, and resources towards the future. Further the Sheriff’s Office wishes to extend its gratitude to all parties involved over the past year for their patience and professionalism. We also wish to recognize Ms. Tyler for her dedicated service and sacrifice to the citizens of Chelan County during her tenure as a Deputy. We wish her nothing but the best in her future endeavors.

While the Sheriff’s Office still faces unrelated pending legal issues from the prior administration, we remain committed to addressing these transparently and effectively. Our focus is steadfast on bringing closure to all outstanding matters while maintaining the highest standards of service and accountability. In closing we express our deep appreciation to the citizens we serve and reaffirm our commitment to fulfilling our department’s mission. With the resources entrusted to us, we will remain a steadfast ally to all citizens, ensuring their safety and justice.

Our vision also remains clear: A community where safety, justice, and security are ensured for all through unwavering commitment to service. This vision is encapsulated in our motto, “Of the People, For the People.”