18 Personal Records Were Set

Submitted by MHS Athletic Director, Eric Sivertson

Photos Courtesy of Phil Thomas

Cole Beazley is pictured in the featured image above the story. Photo above includes: Kendal Petre, Migali Leyva, Zoe Thomas, Sarah Simmons

The Trojan Invite forecast for Saturday April 14th looked grim, but as the morning dawned, the sun was out with very little wind…a perfect invitation for the 2nd Annual Trojan Invite.

Manson came out strong during the meet with 18 personal records (PR’s)…to name a few, Kendal Petre, Evelyn DeJesus, Kassie Macias, Celina Mendoza, Marco Sanchez, Titus Petersen, Blake Cochran, Christian Montes, Ty Charlton, Ben Charlton, and Cody Amsden. Many of them earned multiple PR’s.

Some of the outstanding performances were Christian Montes in the disc and javelin, Blake Cochran in the 800 meters, Ty Charlton in the 1600 meters, Titus Petersen in the Long jump and 400 meters, Kendall Petre in the 100 and 200 meters and finally Celina Mendoza in the Shot and disc.

Manson’s Joe Strecker “pours it on”

Manson boys placed 2nd out of 10 teams with 127 points and girls were 5th with 41.5 points.

The boys 4×400 relay is currently undefeated earning a top spot in the league while girls 4×400 relay debuted this meet with a hopeful improvement.

The Gatorade Guy was Christian Montes and Gatorade Gal was Celina Mendoza nominated by the Manson’s coaches.

Huge thanks to all of the officials helping during the meet. Many visiting coaches sounded out how well run the meet was and finishing only 10 minutes behind the posted schedule. A big shout out to the starter and timing crew for keeping us on schedule.

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