Mother and Son Team Up for Art on Display through October

Information released by Manson Community Library

Manson Community Library is honored to present an exhibit by mother-and-son professional artists Sandy Strain and Mark Strain of Manson.

Sandy has loved art since she began kindergarten. She is exhibiting some of her hand-painted shirts, a pottery piece called “Dragon Hatching,” a trapunto painting of a rose and two acrylic paintings.

Sandy’s original design shirts are popular at the Manson Farmer’s Market. She paints the floral arrangements with textile paint and heat sets them. They can be safely washed and dried.

Sandy loves to paint florals and enjoys painting in acrylics and oils. She is the mother of Mark and Bill, grandmother of two and a great-grandmother.

Mark Strain is well known in Manson for his public metal art as well as the art he sells to businesses and individuals. He designed the Manson Community tree on the wall of the apple shed in downtown Manson and the metal tree on the small island near the Methodist Church.

Mark learned first learned to create art at his mother’s knee. After high school he attended graphic design school and worked as a graphic designer for 15 years. Before computers were available to assist him, he was a pen and ink designer and enjoyed architectural drawing. Mark and his wife Barbara also owned Chelan Printing for 14 years.

The abstract patinas that Mark is sharing in this exhibit have never before been seen in public. The first abstract patina that Mark created is owned by Mellisoni Winery in Chelan and is displayed over their fireplace.

All of the pieces by both Mark and Sandy are for sale. Ask the librarian for their business cards.

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