Survey addresses potential future of telehealth in North Central Washington

information released by North Central Accountable Community of Health

Residents of Chelan, Douglas, Grant, and Okanogan counties are being invited to share their opinions and needs for telehealth services and other healthcare services in their local area through an online survey being conducted by the North Central Accountable Community of Health.

Community responses are being sought to provide a basis for recommendations on plans to improve access to telehealth services throughout the North Central Washington region.  The regional NCACH agency is offering this survey through the assistance of Washington State University’s Division of Governmental Studies and Services and the WSU College of Nursing.

Area residents who participate in the survey will be able to voice their perceptions about the potential for expanded telehealth in their communities, and share their thoughts about expanding those services after the COVID-19 pandemic.  The compiled responses will be used to provide guidance on how area healthcare leaders can expand telehealth and other health assistance resources throughout the North Central Washington region in the future. Individual survey responses will remain confidential, and WSU researchers will have the only access to any original data.

Residents in the four counties can take the online survey at the NCACH website at:

Further information about the survey can be obtained by contacting its principal researchers at WSU: Christina Sanders at or Janessa Graves at