“Good Burns” will be initiated in September or October

Information released by the North Cascades National Park Complex

The North Cascades National Park Service Complex fire management team is preparing for prescribed burning in the Stehekin Valley this fall.

Fire crews may initiate prescribed fire projects in September or October if weather conditions allow. Crews will avoid ignitions October 1 – October 7 due to the Harvest Fest.

  • The Orchard Rainbow unit is approximately 70 acres between the new school, Frog Island, and the Buckner Orchard.
  • The Orchard Safety Zone is approximately 10 acres between the Buckner Orchard and the Stehekin River.
  • Lower McGregor encompasses 22 acres 1.2 miles upvalley from the Harlequin Bridge.
  • Pile burns include along the Stehekin River Trail from the airstrip to Weaver Point, and in the Company Creek area including four acres adjacent to the Yurts, up to nine acres adjacent to the gravel pit, and the Log Yard.

Prescribed burns are the careful application of fire under specific parameters and within defined boundaries set forth in a plan. They are conducted only when precise environmental conditions, or burn prescriptions, are met. Fuel moisture, temperature and wind direction must meet predefined prescriptions before fire managers will commence burning.

These treatments reduce the build-up of fuels, such as sticks, needles and other plant matter, and are intended to protect communities from wildfire. Prescribed burns also enhance habitat for fire-dependent plants and animals and help increase ecosystem diversity by stimulating new vegetation growth.

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