4th Year for Field Trip to the Ranger Station

Photos and Story by Loni Rahm

It was an unusual sight. On Friday afternoon, kids were swarming all over the beach and lawn at the Chelan Ranger Station – in the middle of a school day.

I spoke with Kari Grover Wier, Chelan District Ranger, who indicated this was the annual field trip for MOE 4th Graders to the Ranger Station. Approximately 100 students participated this year.

For the past 4 years, the entire grade and their teachers have trekked down Woodin Avenue to learn about three important attributes of Lake Chelan:

  • How glaciers formed the lake
  • The Lake Chelan watershed
  • The water cycle of the lake

Meshach A. Padilla, with the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, led a series of games and activities that were used to underscore the educational components.

It’s fortunate the trip occurred when it did. Unusally high run-off over the next 24-hours raised the lake sufficiently to all but obliterate the beach the kids were exploring.


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