The Chelan Goats won 7th Place at the State Volleyball Tournament – See Our Recap of Coverage Here!

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Updated 11-13-18 to include State Stats

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Chelan Clinches 7th Place in Win Over Lakeside

The Chelan Goats played an excellent final match of the State Volleyball Tournament, beating Lakeside in three sets and clinching the 7th Place trophy.
After a tough loss in the first round to Lynden Christian (who eventually went on to win the tournament), Chelan dominated each subsequent matchup, winning each of the remaining three matches 3 – 0.
Go Goats!

State Game Stats Reported by Coach Rainville

Chelan volleyball had an amazing season.  We ended up 19-2 and 7th at the state tournament. At the state tournament we faced a very tough first round team.  Lynden Christian and Chelan played some of the best volleyball of the entire tournament in that first round match up.  Chelan ended up losing the match 20-25, 25-21, 26-24, 24-26, 7-15. Lynden Christian went on to win the tourney. Chelan was the only team able to take any sets from Lynden Christian at state.   After we lost the first round match the best we could do at the tourney was 7th.  We battled  back against Kiona-Benton 25-15, 25-12, 25-19, Bellevue Christian 25-19, 25-18, 25-12 and Lakeside 25-15, 25-23, 25-11 to place 7th.  I want to thank the players for an great season, the parents and the community for all their support and our awesome green zone that continued to cheer us on all season.

State Game Stats

vs Lynden Christian

  • Lexie Gleasman 16 kills, 1 block, 17/17 serving with 2 aces and 21 digs
  • Emma McLaren 28 kills, 17/18 serving with 1 ace and 16 digs
  • Elly Collins 10 kills, 1 assist, 14/14 serving and 17 digs
  • Katie Rainville 4 kills, 3 blocks and 1 dig
  • Gracie Benrud 2 kills and 2 digs
  • AJ Gueller 1 assist and 1 block
  • Leanna Garfoot 24 assists, 20/21 serving with 1 ace and 12 digs
  • Xitlali Cruz 23 assists, 15/15 serving and 15 digs
  • Morgyn Harrison 16/16 serving and 6 digs

vs Kiona Benton

  • Lexie Gleasman 12 kills, 1 block, 9/9 serving and 9 digs
  • Emma McLaren 8 kills, 12/12 serving with 1 ace and 4 digs
  • Elly Collins 4 kills, 5/7 serving and 1 dig
  • Katie Rainville 3 kills, 1 block and 1 dig
  • Gracie Benrud 1 kill
  • AJ Gueller 1 kill
  • Leanna Garfoot 19 assists, 14/14 serving with 2 aces and 3 digs
  • Xitlali Cruz 9 assists, 7/7 serving and 1 dig
  • Morgyn Harrison 23/23 serving with 4 aces and 8 digs
  • Casey Simpson 1 dig

vs. Bellevue Christian

  • Lexie Gleasman 19 kills, 15/15 serving and 11 digs
  • Emma McLaren 18 kills, 9/10 serving and 13 digs
  • Elly Collins 4 kills, 1 assist, 9/11 serving with 2 aces and 7 digs
  • Katie Rainville 2 kills, 2 blocks and 1 dig
  • Gracie Benrud 6 kills and 2 blocks
  • AJ Gueller 2 kills, 1 assist and 1 block
  • Leanna Garfoot 18 assists, 9/9 serving and 2 digs
  • Xitlali Cruz 21 assists, 13/13 serving and 5 digs
  • Morgyn Harrison 1 assist, 13/15 serving with 2 aces and 8 digs
  • Casey Simpson 1/1 serving and 1 dig

vs Lakeside

  • Lexie Gleasman  17 kills 11/11 serving and 8 digs
  • Emma McLaren 15 kills, 1 block, 14/14 serving and 2 aces and 9 digs
  • Elly Collins 8 kills, 8/8 serving and 4 digs
  • Katie Rainville 3 kills, 4 blocks and 1 dig
  • Gracie Benrud 1 kill and 2 blocks
  • Leanna Garfoot 23 assists, 10/10 serving and 4 digs
  • Xitlali Cruz 19 assists, 8/9  serving and 2 digs
  • Morgyn Harrison 1 assist, 19/19 serving and 5 digs

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Saturday, November 10, 1:00 p.m.: Chelan vs. Bellevue Christian

The Chelan Goats faced off with Bellevue Christian this morning at the State 1-A Volleyball Tournament in Yakima, WA. Chelan started the match off with a 25-19 win in the first set over Bellevue Christian. After falling behind briefly at the opening of the second set, Chelan powered back to win 25-18. In the third and final set Chelan dominated by putting up 25 to Bellevue Christian’s 12, ending the match with a 3-0 win.
Freshman Morgyn Harrison won the Sportsmanship Award for Chelan.
Chelan will play agains Lakeside for a shot at 7th Place at 3:00 this afternoon.

Listen to a Recording of the Live Coverage: Chelan vs. Bellevue Christian

Check out LakeChelanNow’s entire live broadcast showreel at our Mixlr page.

Saturday, November 10, 10:00 a.m.: Chelan vs. Kiona-Benton

The Chelan Goats rebounded from a tough opening match loss at the State 1-A Volleyball tournament with a 3-0 win over Kiona-Benton last night. In the win over the Bears, the Goats won their sets by scores of 25-15, 25-12 and 25-19.
Gracie Benrud won the Sportsmanship Award for Chelan in the match.
The victory keeps Chelan in the hunt for a trophy as they play another must-win match at 11am Saturday against Bellevue Christian. One more win and the Lady Goats will play for 7th/8th later this afternoon.

Listen to a Recording of the Live Coverage: Chelan vs. Kiona-Benton

Check out LakeChelanNow’s entire live broadcast showreel at our Mixlr page.

Friday, November 9, 6:30 p.m.: Chelan vs. Lynden Christian

The Chelan Lady Goats lost a heartbreaker in the opening round of the 1A State Volleyball Championship at the SunDome in Yakima. Chelan was matched up against perennial power Lynden Christian in a rematch of last year’s contest that determined third and fourth place at state. The Lady Goats and the Lyncs are two of the top programs in the 1A ranks over the past decade, and the closeness of the match would have been much better served as a second or third round pairing instead of in the first round.

Lynden Christian took the first match of the day 25-20, but when Chelan bounced back to win the second set 25-21 it was apparent the match could go to a final set five, and that’s exactly what happened. Chelan kept the momentum going with a thrilling 26-24 win in the third set, only to see the Lyncs recover, as Lynden Christian claimed the win 15-7 to win the match three games to two.

Chelan now plays in the consolation bracket at 6:45pm tonight against Kiona-Benton, who lost 3-0 to Castle Rock. This amounts to a loser out game, with the winner moving on to play at 11am Saturday.

Listen to a Recording of the Live Coverage: Chelan vs. Lynden Christian

Check out LakeChelanNow’s entire live broadcast showreel at our Mixlr page.

Friday, November 9, 3:00 p.m.: The Lady Goats are on the Court Warming Up

The first matchup is a tough draw against the Lynden Christian Lyncs, coming up at a little after 3:15 p.m.

Thursday, November 8, 4:00 p.m.: The Goats Are Off to State Volleyball!

The Goats are off to to Yakima for the State Tournament!

The Chelan Lady Goats play their first match in the 1A State tourney starting at 3:15pm on Friday versus the always talented Lynden Christian Lyncs. It’s a tough draw as Chelan and Lynden Christian are considered to be two of the tourney favorites.

Chelan enters State play with an outstanding record of 16-1. They finished Caribou Trail League play undefeated and also captured the District 6 title before defeating Colville last week in Regional play to punch their ticket to Yakima.

Lynden Christian finished the season with a record of 15-3, but two of their losses were against unbeaten Ferndale of the 3A classification. Win or lose, the second match of Friday play for Chelan will start at 6:45pm against the winner/loser of Kiona Benton versus Castle Rock.

The team got a warm send-off today as they loaded the buses for their trip!