Fall weather has started creeping onto the course

information submitted by Sherry Fisk, file photo

Our tee time changed last week and getting that extra half hour of sleep was glorious. It was plenty cool and you could feel the fall weather creeping back in.

Our competition was Monthly Medal (low gross and net by division and  fewest putts). Twenty-eight players were in attendance.

  • Division 1: Low Gross: First place, April Talley, 87. Second place was a tie between Jan Artim and Barb Rayburn, 91.
  • Low Net:  First place, Jaclyn Starr-Evans, 74. Second place, Linda Hahn, 77.
  • Fewest Putts, Jan Artim, 29.


  • Division 2: Low Gross: First place, Nancy Judson, 97. Second place, Janet Foyle, 101.
  • Low Net: First place, Sherry Fisk, 75. Second place, Mary Jo DuRuz, 76.
  • Fewest Putts, Nancy Judson, 30.


  • Division 3: Low Gross: First place, Julie Allison, 102. Second place, Loa Servis, 110. Third place, Susie Martin, 115.
  • Low Net: First place, Pam Zent, 75. Second place, Karen Erickson, 79. Third place, Joni Dedo, 81.
  • Fewest Putts, Jane Storms, 31.

Birdies were made by Jan Artim, hole 12 and April Talley, hole 14 and Nancy Judson with a chip-in birdie on hole 7. Pin placements were much better this week as there were 5 chip-Ins:  Jaclyn Starr-Evans, hole 6,  Karen Holst, hole 17, Nancy Judson hole 7, Susie Martin, hole 12, Jane Storms, hole 8.

Next week’s competition will be Ts and Fs (gross score of holes starting with “T” and “F” less ½ your handicap). Our tee time is 8:30 am and you must check in by 8:00 am.