Golfing on April 1st was no joke…just lots of fun!

information released by Sherry Fisk, file photo

A field of twelve women played golf on Thursday. It was our first club meeting of the new season and included fabulous breakfast sandwiches from CJ’s on the Course. This week’s competition was Monthly Medal (low gross and net by division and fewest putts).

This week’s winners are:

  • Division 1:  Low Gross, First Place: Barb Rayburn, 96. Low Net, First Place: Linda Hahn, 73. Fewest Putts: Linda Hahn, 31.
  • Division 2: Low Gross was a tie between Julie Allison and Judy Johanson, 109. Low Net, First Place: Karen Erickson, 74. Second Place: Loa Servis, 80. Fewest Putts: Judy Johanson, 35.
  • Division 3: Low Gross, First Place: Pam Zent, 112. Low Net, First Place: Joni Dedo, 68. Fewest Putts: Joni Dedo, 31.

Once again there were no birdies or chip-ins.

Next week’s competition is: “Better Nine” (best score front or back nine less ½ handicap).  Next week’s tee time is 9:30. Please check in by 9:00.