Rattlesnake adds to the excitement on the golf course

Information released by Sherry Fisk. Pictured above: the remains of the snake with 13 rattle segments.

Remember the crazy movie “Snakes on a Plane”? Remember when that was a common fear for a while? It seems like we have plenty of fears to go around lately without finding a rattlesnake in the ladies’ bathroom.

One of our best players, who wishes to remain nameless, entered the bathroom on Hole 14 to use the facilities. While crouched, she noticed a snake curled up in the corner, also crouched. She managed to scurry up onto the sink counter and jumped out the door immediately calling the pro shop.

Golf Pro, Jim Oscarson, (playing the part of Samuel L. Jackson), came to the rescue and made short work of a very fat rattlesnake. The unnamed golfer didn’t miss a beat and finished first place!

Lots of drama as the ladies played round one of the Club Championship while simultaneously playing the usual weekly competition. This week’s competition was Monthly Medal (low gross and net by division and fewest putts) with 21 participants.

Division 1:

  • Low Gross: First place, April Talley, 86. Second place, Jan Artim, 92.
  • Low Net: First Place, Linda Hahn, 69. Second place was a three-way tie between Kari Burrows, Barb Rayburn and Linda Reister, 80.
  • Fewest Putts, Barb Rayburn, 28.

Division 2:

  • Low Gross, First place, Janet Foyle, 100. Second place, MaryJo DuRuz, 103.
  • Low Net: First place, birthday girl, Karen Holst, 71. Second place, Judy Johanson, 74.
  • Fewest Putts, Karen Holst, 31.

Division 3:

  • Low Gross: First place, Jane Storms, 105.
  • Low Net: First place, Nancy Parker, 70.
  • Fewest Putts, Jane Storms, 33.

April Talley was the lone birdie girl on Hole 9 and Cindi Smith had the lone chip-in on Hole 1.

Next week’s competition is “Ones” (gross score of holes starting with letters O, N, E and S less ½ handicap). Tuesday, August 11th, will be the second round of the Club Championship. Next Thursday, August 13th, will be the final round. Tee time is 8:00 am. Please check in by 7:30.

Did you know you can purchase snake repellant for your yard? Who knew?