50th Invitational Golf Tournament — September 16, 2021

information submitted by Sherry Fisk; photo above: left to right — Linda Hahn, Low Net of the Field. Anne Cole, Low Gross of the Field.

The Lake Chelan Ladies Golf Club held their 50th Invitational Golf Tournament on Thursday. Seventy-four women battled it out on the course and enjoyed a lunch provided by CJ’s on the Course. Our sponsors and club members donated items to our raffle that was jam-packed with Chelan valley wines and golf rounds from around the area.

The main purpose of this event was to build up our scholarship fund for the next year while providing a fun day of golf.

There were two big winners of this event: Anne Cole from Kahler Glen, Low Gross of the field, 85. Our very own Linda Hahn, Low Net of the field, 72.

  • Division 1: First low Gross, Kelly Schindele, 88. Second low Gross, Peggy Goodman, 88. Third low Gross,Tami Hansen, 88.
    First low Net, Jenny Dahlstrom, 74. Second low Net, April Talley, 77. Third low Net, Candace Farnsworth, 77.
  • Division 2: First low Gross, Carol Ferguson, 93. Second low Gross, Bonnie Fortner, 95. Third low Gross, Joy Brown, 101.
    First low Net, Janet Foyle, 72. Second low Net, Roxanne Emerson, 75. Third low Net, Lorena Brownlee, 79.
  • Division 3:  First low Gross, Anita Birmingham, 97.  Second low Gross, Linda Baxter, 101. Third low Gross, Carole Branter, 104.
    First low Net, Bernie Rayner 73, Second low Net, Darlene Phillips, 76. Third low Net, Sherry Ochsner, 78.

An exciting “horse race” competition ended the day. Through much elimination, the winning team of Deb Feist and Joy Brown won by one putt on the seventh hole.

Next week will be the last day of competition for the Ladies Club. The competition will be Criss Cross (best gross score of nine corresponding holes between front or back, i.e., 1 or 10, 2 or 11, 3 or 12, etc. less ½ your handicap). Tee time is 8:30 am.  Please check in by 8:00 am.