Golfing Fun Despite the Blazing Heat

submitted by Sherry Fisk, file photo

It feels like that crazy old equator is sneaking up on Chelan this week. Yes, that’s impossible but if you are smacking a ball around 18 holes in the blazing heat you are surely imagining it. That’s why it was so amazing to see 28 players and one guest show up for punishment.

This week’s competition was All Fours (gross score of all par 4 holes less ½ your handicap).

  • Division 1: First place, Linda Reister, 42. Second place, April Talley, 43.
  • Division 2: First place, Karen Holst, 38. Second place was the birthday girl Sherry Ochsner, 40. Third place was a tie between Toni Berry and Nancy Judson, 45.
  • Division 3: First place, Julie Allison, 41.5. Second place, Nancy Parker, 44.5.

April Talley made two birdies on holes 11 and 17 and  Karen Holst made a birdie on hole 7.

Chip-ins were made by Karen Holst on hole 4, Maggie Stalcup hole 15, Ann Britt Gagnon hole 4 and Joni Dedo hole 17.

Next week’s competition is Monthly Medal (low gross and net by division and fewest putts). Keep in mind our tee time changes to 8:00 am. Please check in by 7:30 and be prepared for that equatorial heat to rear its ugly head again.