Congratulations to Karen Holst, Winner of the Apple Blossom Tourney

information submitted by Sherry Fisk, photo above: Apple Blossom Tourney winner, Karen Holst with tourney organizer, Linda Hahn.

Warm Day, Hot Play – June 3, 2021.

It was a hats and suntan-lotion week at the course. Twenty-six players were in attendance for this week’s competition called Monthly Medal (low gross and net by division and fewest putts).

  • Division 1: Low Gross: First Place, April Talley, 86. Second place, Barb Rayburn, 90.
  • Low Net: First place, Nancy Storaasli, 73. Second place, Linda Hahn, 77.
  • Fewest Putts, April Talley, 28.


  • Division 2: Low Gross: First place,  Anne-Britt Gagnon, 101. Second place, Debbie Honsberger, 103.
  • Low Net: First place, Sherry Ochsner, 76. Second place, Maryjo DuRuz, 81.
  • Fewest Putts, Sherry Ochsner, 30.


  • Division 3: Low Gross: First place, Judy Johanson, 111. Second place, Nancy Parker, 112.
  • Low Net: First place was a tie between Joni Dedo and Pam Zent, 79.
  • Fewest Putts, Pam Zent, 35.


  • The lone birdie was made by Nancy Storaasli on hole 17.
  • Chip-ins were made by Sherry Ochsner hole 6 and Anne-Britt Gagnon on hole 2.

Thursday was also the final round of our Apple Blossom Tourney. Susie Clausen and Karen Holst were the finalists in match play with Karen Holst taking the title. Congratulations Karen Holst! Also, a big thank you to Linda Hahn for organizing the tournament.

Next week’s competition is Ecci 9 (pick 9 best holes less ½ your handicap).

Tee time is 8:30. Please check in by 8:00 am.