Interim CEO to be appointed later this month

information released

Earlier today the Board accepted the resignation of CEO, George Rohrich. Mr. Rohrich announced his resignation to pursue other opportunities.

Mr. Rohrich will stay on for several weeks and be available for consultation during the Interim CEO  selection. The Board will appoint an Interim CEO at its regular monthly meeting on Tuesday October 26, 2021, to serve in his place and to ensure a smooth transition.  The recruitment process for a new CEO has begun and is usually expected to take about six months.

The Lake Chelan Health Board of Commissioners appreciates Mr. Rohrich’s service to our Hospital District, and especially his work during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Board wishes him well in his future endeavors.

Lake Chelan Health is a valued and important part of our community.  The Board will continue to build on our Hospital District’s strengths, and to ensure a successful future of excellence in health care services to our community.

Mary C. Murphy — Lake Chelan Health Commission Chair