Lakeside Surf opens to the public this Saturday

by Dennis Rahm, LCN photos and video

Surf’s up in Chelan as Lakeside Surf, the world’s largest stationary river wave, is set to open up this Saturday at its facility adjacent to Slidewaters Waterpark.

Lakeside Surf offers a 16-meter deepwater stationary wave that allows for full size fins and regular short boards providing powerful turns and impressive aerials. Surfers ride the energy of the wave moving across the wave as the water passes them by. This style of surfing is nicknamed endless surf because the wave never ends.

The facility offers food and beverage service, a retail surf shop, lockers, and restroom/changing rooms.

Patrons can also entertain themselves with sand volleyball, a hot tub and the availability of a private VIP space.

LakeChelanNow caught up with Slidewaters and Lakeside Surf co-owner Robert Bordner as last weekend’s media preview for the all new surf attraction. A number of surfers, including a group of river surfers from Leavenworth, were invited to try out the wave and according to Bordner the surfers are giving it rave reviews.

Listen to our in-depth audio interview with Bordner as he discusses the media preview and what’s ahead for Lakeside Surf and Slidewaters.

“The pitch of the wave can be changed to match skill of surfers”

The deepwater wave at Lakeside Surf guarantees a wave of up to six-feet tall and over 54 feet wide and provides a controlled surf experience for everyone from beginner to expert.

For more information on Lakeside Surf, including admission, lessons and COVID guidelines visit their website.

This young surfer gave an enthusiastic thumbs up to Lakeside Surf