Lake Chelan School District seeks help from the City

by Dennis Rahm, LCN File photo

Boat trailer parking at Chelan High School during the summer season has become problematic the past few years according to Lake Chelan School District Superintendent Barry DePaoli.

DePaoli addressed the issue with the Chelan City Council during their regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday night. The School District is hopeful of working with the City to find solutions to the problem.

DePauli told the Council the District wants to find a way to make the parking work as shutting it down would be an inconvenience to the public. Said DePaoli, “we don’t want to be in the business of managing overnight or long term parking”.

In mid August last summer there were as many as 90 boat trailers, RV’s, and utility trailers parked in the various lots at the school. Trailers are often left in the lots long term which then ties up the property when it is needed for community events or school activity uses.

DePaoli, “it may involve a partnership with the city to resolve”

One option being considered by the school district would designate a side lot for day use only parking. The back lot could be made available for local resident use parking, and the main front lot would be left open for school and community event use.

DePaoli said the school district would like to have a parking policy in place by the first of May that will accommodate visitors and local residents.

Mayor Bob Goedde told the Superintendent that he has planted the seed for more in depth study of the issue and DePaoli responded that he looks forward to further discussions.