Congratulations to Miles Grossberg and Kaylin Boykin

Information and photos from Coach Einspahr

After cutting the field in half for the second day of competition, Chelan’s two golfers who made the cut played some inspired golf today.

Miles Grossberg had a great day and was one of only a very few who actually improved on their scores from the day before, coming in with a 79 for today, making it a 163 for the tournament and finishing in 12th place for the Championships.  With the exception of two holes where he struggled a bit with his putting, Miles played very consistently for the second day and finished with the 5th best score of the day.  He improved on his results from last year when he came in at 31st place and an overall score of 170, to 12th and a score of 163 on a much tougher course this year.  Our other two boys came in tied for 43rd (Joey Gasper) and tied for 75th (Parker Brown).

Kaylin Boykin was surprised with a special award as she was called to the tee for her second round today–the officials give out special Sportsmanship Awards to golfers who made an impact on them as being “positive and friendly with the competition, and smiling.”  It was a special and unexpected treat for her (and I would add, very appropriate and earned!).  Kaylin went on to have a similar round today as she had in the first round…a great first nine and a not-so-great second nine, finishing with an identical 96 score as she had yesterday and a 192 for the tournament.  She finished tied for 37th today.  Last year in her first trip to state she was not able to make it to the second day of competition and finished tied for 60th, so it was a marked improvement for her this year!

It was very special experience for our golfers who made it to state, and I hope an inspiration for each of them to put in some extra time on it (golf) this summer and make it back to the State Championships next year and improve on their results from this year.

I just want to acknowledge the support of the parents who were able to make it to the competition for one or both days–what great encouragement you were to your student athletes, and to the coaches too!  THANK YOU!

Finally, I will sign off for another season of golf, and I hope these little summary reports have been helpful to you in keep up with some of our athletes.  I know we can’t make it to everything that is happening, especially in the spring, and I hope these reports have allowed you to acknowledge the results of some of our golf athletes and give them a verbal or physical “high-five” in the hallway, classroom, or wherever you might interact with one of them.  We had a successful season, with the boys winning the District/League title again for the second year in a row (and I believe the 7th in the last 10 years–need to check on that one for sure), and taking 3 boys and 1 girl to the State Championships.  I especially appreciate those of you who receive this that are involved with publishing this information in/on other media platforms–THANK YOU!

Just a reminder that we will have the Spring Sports Awards on Thursday, May 30th at 6:30.

With Appreciation,

  • Kirk Einspahr–Chelan Head Golf Coach
  • Amber Finch–Chelan Assistant Golf Coach
  • Tido Nunez and Colton Price–Volunteer Assistant Golf Coaches